D-Day part II (after “war”)

salam, holla….hai… sorry for late update… here is my update about the exam…

wow… done for exam… so, i will tell u how the question is…

it was like 90% same with past year question that i have try to answer. i hope it goes well because some of the question i forgot while answering the question. maybe i was nervous, that is why i went blank….

i hope my result is “gempak”….

i’m answering the question using my prior knowledge about educational technology and some common sense.. haha

i’m so sorry, for section B, i just answer using my own thought during i’m learning this course…

so, i hope this course give me a good result…

that all… till meet again… bye… sayonara….


D-Day part I (before exam)

hai… Assalamualaikum, hollaaaa ~~~~ 😀

have a good day??? great! me??? maybe great, maybe not… hahaha

actually, i’m so nervous right now


because i’m getting ready to seat for Educational Technology paper at 12 p.m.

wish me luck… 😉

i hope, what have i read(notes, trying to answer past year questions) will help me to answer the exam questions.

may Allah ease everything… after this paper i will tell how hard or easy the question is… hahaha so, wait till 2 p.m. ok.. 🙂

bye~~ see ya….

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One Minute Pitch (reflection video)

this is my one minute pitch… reflection video for overall course… i’m very happy because our group got first runner-up, which i did not expect it at all… maybe we got paranoid because, last time we got some negative feedback about the video….

Now, we got the place(1st runner-up), and i want to thank all who have been involve in this video making process… special thank to Dr. Rosseni, Mr. Helmi, Kak Ana, Bro Fuad and other Teaching Assistants that help us in making a great video.

I hope in future, i will still use this approaches in my future career… thank you to Ladies Production’s Crews…. Love you….

I’m sorry if my work are not so good… I was happy working with you all… 😉

happily study for final exam… bye…

Till meet again…. 😀

EduTechnovation Day (Realllll!!!!!!!)

Assalamualikum and good day…. today is a real one… hahaha yes, a real one for EduTechnoVation Day… i have a good news and bad news for today…. for the good news, Ladies Production crews are ready to present our video, and for the bad news is Nurul Fatihah, one of the Ladies Production’s crew are absent because of the fever. but, despite that, we have to present well even we felt not complete, without one of our group members….

so, Ladies Production was chosen as the first group to present the video project. For the real EduTechnoVation day, we need to display our poster, storyboard, and of course presenting our video. so, here is the display items….

1) poster


2) storyboard

edutech2 edutech3

3) the video… 🙂

as we presenting our video, we did not have high hope to win this video production project…. here some pictures of our presentation

present present2

we are doing our best till the end… and for your information, as we present our video, we need to vote for the group… voting scale is from 1-4… 4 is for excellent. but our group got one vote for scale 1.. that is mean that our video cannot touch that particular one person… that is our bad…. sorry… and thank to him/her we decided to reflect on our video to see and take note to bad point in our video….

only our group have scale 1 voting…. so, because of that one voting, we did not want to have hope being in top #3… but after discussion done between guest and instructors, we were announced as first runner-up which is hard to believe… haha 😀

here is our pictures “go grab the prize”….. (i was speechless and crying “cats and dogs”) hahaha 😉 because it hard to believe after got scale 1 vote…

first runner-up first runner-up2

OK, actually all videos are great… so, everyone is the REAL CHAMPION…. congratulation to my Ladies Production Crews….. Love you all… haha 🙂

So, now is “phototime”…..

edutechnovation day3edutech4 edutechnovation day edutechnovation day2 

ok… i think that is all for now… till we meet again…. bye…. 😀

Pre-EduTechnovation Day (part II)

Assalamualaikum…. Hai… AnyongHaseyo~~~ 😀 Good Day or Bad Day??? hope you enjoy your life so, it will be always a Good Day..

today is Sunday, which is a good day to rest mentally and physically…. but today we need to re-shooting our flashback video to come to others satisfaction. haha (others opinion is important when we are doing something) so, based on Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana and Mr. Helmi guidance, we decided to called back our special actor Ahmad Zaki who play the role as Bapak and Ketua Kampung to act out again his character. so, first we need to find “suasana kampung” background for this flashback scene… we have been to Taman Pantun, UKM, but there is a problem to the Rumah Kampung(under renovation). so, we decided to go to Putrajaya and shooting our video there. But, last time we also shooting flashback scene there(Taman Botani) but, we need to re-shooting because the background are not authentic(no kampung feels)… lastly, our special actor told to us about Taman Warisan Pertanian… this place have kampung feels katanya….

so, we went there, and luckily, we found a “Rumah Kampung” there…. wow, so, we re-shooting the flashback part there…Alhamdulillah, we can shooting video there without have to paid, because supposedly to shoot a video there visitors needs to pay… but with the help one of Mak Cik guard there, we shooting without have pay…

so, done with part flashback scene, even there is some problems occurs, but we manage to cover it…. tonight will be tough night again to edit the video… but i feels relief because all the scene is there just need to edit the video, then it will complete. Hope taht our video and poster did not have problem and accepted by all instructors…..

rumah kami :) tuan kebun ;P here some pictures…

view gadis melayu-inggeris :P sun set sun set

that is all for now… May Allah ease everything… Amin… 😀 😉

Thirteenth Reflection (Pre-Edutechnovation Day)

assalamualaikum and hai… how’s life??? 🙂 / 😦  ?? what ever it is, have a faith and stay on the right path…

4.30 p.m./Thursday > at Kolej Ungku Omar, with other group members, we “retouch” our storyboard for this video project because our storyline have change from the past one. we complete the “retouch” at 6.00 p.m. that lessen our work to be done on this video project… what left now is only the video…. we decide to stay up at night together and complete the video to present tomorrow morning.

11.00 p.m. > we start editing (adding, cutting, finalizing the video and poster) we are doing this part together…. hope that it will come with a good result.

8.00 a.m. > today is the day… we have to present our complete video in front of Dr. Rosseni, TAs and all classmate… today’s EduTechnovation Day… this time have come when my hands are both cold and shivering like crazy… waaaaaaaaaaaaaa hope that we have a good result…

10.30 a.m. > it turn out as a rehearsal for the real EduTechnovation Day next week. but despite that, we need to present our video project. so, as we present our video, Dr. Rosseni give an opinion to us to RETAKE the flashback scene, because to her our actor’s attire did not shows the real midle-age man…

so, to get a better mark for this video project, we decided to re-shooting the flashback part. but we do feel stress about where to find a suitable background to shoot the video…

so, tomorrow or a day after tomorrow we need to re-shooting that flashback part… huuuuhhhh~~~~ what a stress world to be a film maker like (David Teoh) need to find a proper place to shooting a scene with matching background and theme… hahaha 😀

OK, now i felt like being one of moviemaker in Malaysia. huahaha 😉

that all my dream now, let’s continue next time… bye~~~~